Happy – Hoodie

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Be Happy – Bring a rainbow into your life and others around you.

Smile, Laugh and have some fun.

Fabric: 260gm / 100% Brushed Cotton Fleece

Fit – Classic Fit


Be Happy. Bring a rainbow into your life and others around you. Smile, Laugh and have some fun.

Everybody needs a rainbow with laughter in their lives. Why not spread some.


Pullover hood, set-in sleeves, kangaroo pocket, 100% brushed cotton anti-pill fleece, Side seamed, Lined hood, tonal fabric, drawcord,  Ribbed waistband and sleeve cuffs

 Unisex styles are based on men’s sizes

So what is happy – According to vocabulary.com

Happy is a feeling of joy, pleasure, or good fortune — exactly how you’d feel if you learned that you won the lottery or got accepted into your number one choice of colleges.

Happy hails from the Middle English word hap, meaning “good luck.” Many of the early European words for happy actually referred to good luck, rather than a feeling of joy. On its own, happy means an enjoyable or satisfied state of being. When hyphenated, it can refer to an overwhelming inclination to do something. Someone who is trigger-happy, for example, has an overwhelming urge to shoot things, while a clothes-happy person is obsessed with taking trips to the mall.

Why is a Rainbow used to symbolize – Happy

From the website symbolismandmetaphor.com rainbows symbolise 8 different things:

1. Hope

The rainbow is most commonly known as a symbol of hope. Rainbows often appear after a thunderstorm or when everything is seemingly at its darkest to then spread light and ultimately, hope.

2. Promise

A rainbow can also symbolize promise which stems from the Bible when God flooded the earth to rid it of sin and evil.

The rainbow is also a symbol used in film or literature to signify the promise of better times ahead and is used for dramatic effect towards the end of these fictional plots.

3. Good Luck

The emergence of a rainbow is considered by many to be a sign of good luck. This often leads back to Celtic/Irish mythology whereby the appearance of a rainbow would be an indicator of treasure at the other in the form of a pot of gold.

Leprechauns were said to hide their gold at the end of a rainbow for safe keeping. Should anyone stumble upon this gold, they would be free to take a handful and this is often why people associate rainbows with good luck or good fortune for those that see them.

4. New Beginnings

Some people see a rainbow as a sign of a new beginning. This can often be associated with the biblical story of Noah’s arc mentioned earlier, however, it also has a more literal observation as rainbows are often seen after a tragedy (typically severe and destructive weather storms).

The appearance of a rainbow after a dark time in someone’s life is often said to act as a sign of a new beginning and offers hope and promise of a brighter future ahead.

5. Death, War and Transition

In Norse mythology, a rainbow was the sign of a fallen soldier and would act as a bridge between the mortal and immortal world for which you would cross upon death in battle.

6. Equality

The unification of colors on a rainbow is often thought to symbolize equality. This is because the rainbow takes all of the visible colors of light and combines them into one unified symbol to demonstrate community and equality.

7. Communication

Rainbows in many cultures and religions are considered to be gateways, paths, or portals that connect two realms or earths. In Greek and Norse mythology, a rainbow connected two worlds and was a path that connected to the Gods.

8. Peace

A rainbow symbolizes peace for a number of reasons. Firstly, it represents the feeling a calmness and tranquility when looking at a rainbow. Rainbows commonly appear after a storm and for a brief moment, give the feeling of peace after the turbulent atmosphere that usually came moments earlier.


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