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Good Day World

Good Day World, wherever you are on this spread of land we call our Earth-Home.

Mine just happens to be In a village called Lady Grey, in the Eastern Cape, South Africa-a Country with beauty in abundance, once a happy safe place {Debatable by some I suppose}but surely a bloody much safer Place in the World would be  harder to find.

Mountains of Lady Grey
View from my Front Porch overlooking one of the Mountains of Lady Grey

The life of Reuben a disability Pensioner.

This is my story…A long story – short and sweet.

From 2004, the warning signs were there,  until the One that turned my life around in 2008 – another Cardiovascular Heart Attack plus a neck operation. This left me bedridden and powerless for weeks.  

My Seniors Willie Steenberg and Charles van Wyk, found it in their hearts of hearts to place me on Disability Pension, other Nightmare options where open, but my Dedication and loyalty to the Company was well known and was taken into account.

The body of mine felt like a train smashed barn none!

Baby steps… eventually walking around the then said place of Residence, Harrismith.

Then slowly ventured into Town, after some weeks passed the novice of being at home sleeping late! Yea, you get the picture, slippers gown newspaper! Got bloody boring, the helplessness did not go away, it got worse, making a cup of Coffee a slice of toast felt if I just did the Pietermaritzburg Durban Comrades in a matter of Five Seconds. This led to major depression. My Heart was only functioning at 35%, a Loss of major proportions to my system.

A Lesson TO Every Person in the WORLD!

The Lesson!! Do not Judge a Person with Depression as I Did my whole life! Prior to my Life Experience!

My Spouse, a bipolar patient, was a target of my judgement.  I went down on her daily! “Get over yourself, it’s all in the mind!!”

My God, until I was struck by Cyclone Major Depression.

Death has arrived! I died in myself {examples-I am no longer a man} get the idea!! The Funeral, did not leave the room, no showering-personal hygiene non existing nada nothing.

Spouse intervention World War 3 up to 5! Harsh words, no beating around the bush! Some of the shots struck home.

Revelation!!! I am a lucky bugger. I am still alive. The youngster in the same ICU, of the age of 24 a junior Cricket Springbok did not make it, whereas you! an, overweight unfit older man, whose only exercise and food consisted of  quick greasy lunch, while hunting Non-paying Clients out in the sticks You made it.!

Birth - Good day World

Birth! Fast Forward to 2021, me a computer illiterate, behind a note pad, signing on at referral sites, trying my hand at writing blogs, this being my first informational blog.

My Lovely Wife cheering me on, knowingly that with my Trigeminal Neuralgia is making my brain foggy, as one driving down a mountain pass, enclosed with thick dark clouds, not of an inkling, where the actual road is, or other vehicles are, driving on in prayer! Hoping that a truck does not burn its brakes going down the pass.

The Essential tremors do not want to sit this fight out on the side, it gets stuck in, in full swing. Me currently presently shaking, swearing, gripping the mouse with both hands to get the cursor to go where it should. I Swear again, feel that feeling of an intense stare! I look up from the key pad, see my Lovely, sometimes a sergeant major to kick my ass back into gear, Wife, staring at me with admiration for my efforts, be it a simple mumble jumble of words typed with the intent of moving ahead in This Most trying time.

The moral of my story

The moral of my story is! A profound message was quite clear! Hey Reuben you have made it.

PS!! If I can manage one step at a time, so can you, you are reading my Story aren’t you!

Great, we are winning one day at a time.




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The won't lay Down Entrepreneur Never too Old and or Frail to Start Education: Best teacher Life!

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