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Odhin Se Poëtiese Wysheid & Die Broederbond (E-Boek) Boek voorblad, Selfoon en Tablet skerms

Book Design

I never thought that at this age I will put my hand to Book Design. This is the first book cover that I designed after obtaining my Graphic Design Diploma as well as my Photoshop Diploma in 2020. I supposed a lot of us were thrown out of our comfort zones in 2020. The cover photograph is from Pxhere with certain elements added in Adobe Photoshop, but future projects will feature my own photographs. I have also edited the book and helped compile the book.

Below is the flip book of the published book. 

I really loved doing this book and seeing my work come to life. It was a steep learning curve, but so well worth it. 

I can not wait to do the next one. My head is spinning with ideas and I love being creative and seeing what I created. The first time in my life that I am actually doing something that I love and not simply doing a job to earn an income. Age really is but a number and nothing can stop me now.

The book “Odhin se Poëtiese Wysheid & die Broederbond (E-boek)”  is available for sale as a pdf file. It can either be ordered online at or in my shop

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