Are You Ready to Die? End of Life plan.
Are you Ready to die? End of Life E-book

Are You Ready to Die? End of Life plan.

Are you ready to die? Have you compiled a End of Life Plan? Or will you leave your family in shambles. Don’t do it. Use “Are you Ready to die? End of Life plan” to organize your life right now.

Death and dying is the one subject we all avoid, yet it is something we will all go through. We cannot escape it even if we wanted to. Because  covid brought death to the forefront, we had no option but to face our own mortality.

I have always had a close relationship with death as I tried to commit suicide at a very young age.  People I loved were dying. Therefore I always wanted to die and at a stage I believed that if I loved someone they would die. Some people even believe that it is bad luck to talk about death and that you are inviting it in.

You are destined to die

The fact is that the moment you are born you are destined to die. Death is inevitable. The only uncertainty is the time and place of our death. Yet people remain scared to confront their fears of dying and because of that we do not prepare as we would prepare for everything else in life. Unfortunately this cause our families much more pain as they are left with the added burden to try and sort out whatever we left behind.

I had to help a couple of friends and family to try and sort out what was left behind and to deal with all the red tape when the loved one were not organized. Something as simple as a will or even just a file with accounts in would have helped.  

Our one friend’s mother passed away suddenly, and he had to make a loan in order to bury her. Only to find out months down the line that her work had a group funeral policy which would have paid for the funeral. Then it took us another couple of months to convince them to pay out.

Unclaimed Pension Benefits in South Africa

In South Africa alone there are more than R 80 million in unclaimed benefits from pension funds and life policies. A very sad state of affairs as this  money was intended for their loved ones. Unfortunately, because nobody knew that money existed, it is lost. It will be forfeited if nobody claims. 

Therefore the  registrar of Pension funds provides a central database on the FSCA website to assist members of the public to enquire if there are any unclaimed benefits due to them or a family member. You can do an online enquiry  here.

This made me think about all the steps I had to take in order to assist, all the phone calls, emails en enquiries that had to be done.  It was difficult to sift through and find information.  Everywhere you find little bits of information, but have to sift through small bits and pieces everywhere.  I decided that I wanted to help to get all the relevant information in one place and compiled the e-book  “Are you Ready to die? End of Life plan” that you can buy in my shop.

Book Cover: Are you Ready to die?
Are YOU Ready to Die? E-book

I compiled this e-book so that everything is in one place.  It is a Comprehensive guide to creating your own “End of Life” plan and to deal with the unexpected death of a Loved one

The book is divided into four sections.

  • Emergency Guide for when someone dies unexpectedly. This covers the most basic practical steps, from phoning the ambulance up to reporting the estate to the Master.
  • Comprehensive Guide which covers all the steps in detail. Included are Covid 19 protocols.
  • End of Life Plan –  Create your own end of life Plan· covering all aspects of your life.
    Organize all your important stuff offline and online,
    Documentation & Understanding legal documents
    Medical information including your Living Will
    Personal Touches: Your Legacy –interests, beliefs and life lessons
    Your home and pets – how, what and where?
    Funeral and Obituary – write your own then you can be sure your family knows what you want.
  • Bucket List – Because you are still alive and can still make memories. Read about the Benefits of a Bucket List.
Emergency & Comprehensive Guide Index
End of Life Index 2
End of Life Index 1

The book is available in my online store.  It is a direct download.

Emergency Contact List

Below is one of the forms that are included in the book for you to complete and keep near for when you need it. You can also download the Emergency Contact List in pdf format.
Emergency Contact List
Emergency Contact List

My Dad and regrets

While compiling the book “Are you Ready to die, End of Life plan” I was thinking about my dad who died of cancer. The one day he phoned me and asked me to come over. He told me he is scared to die and he wanted to know how long he still had to live. He had a vision that his funeral was going to be at 11 and that there was a lot of people.

 Everybody else just ignored the fact that he was dying and nobody wanted to talk about it. I told him the truth, the doctor said that he would not make Christmas and it was already mid-November. I wish I sat with him more and that I could complete an End of Life plan for him. To know what his wishes were and know more about him.

There is so much I don’t know and now never will. I really wish I had more conversations with him about his hopes and dreams. Yes I have asked my mom about him, but she obviously cannot tell me what he really thought and felt

Ethical Will - Leave a legacy behind

That is the reason why there is a section in the book named “Ethical will”. It deals with you. Your legacy, your hopes and dreams. Basically what makes you tick. Your favourite things, your memories. It is so important to have deep conversations with our loved ones.

This book “Are you ready to die, End of life plan” has subsequently opened conversations with my husband, who is dealing with numerous health issues and he is now compiling his “End of Life” plan as am I.  I am exited to have these conversations with him as I know neither of us will end with regrets.

Hopefully you will compile your “Are you ready? End of Life plan”  now and give your loved ones peace of mind knowing that everything is sorted out and thought of.  Mostly I hope that it opens up conversations that we all should have.

Your Bucket List - because you are still alive

The most important thing to remember is that you are important. You need to have conversations with yourself and really open up and pen down what you feel and who you are. When you have faced yourself remember that you are still alive and therefore the book ends with your bucket list. What do you still want to do? Well the time is now. Get up and create some awesome memories! Read about the Benefits of a Bucket List.
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